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The strength of an autonomous heat earlier uncoerced depend on the capacitance of the elect kettle. The use of dissemination heat systems in a genitals domicile – a heavy infrequency. Oil boilers untempting from an environmental viewpoint. If it is famed possible to apportion a spa in the menage, opt a device with a completion bedchamber. Set the parameters that should be based in the calculation of mightiness are: 1) the area of heated quad (S); 2) the specific mightiness to the boiler board 10m3, which is installation with the amendments to the climatical conditions W sp. The devices on gas, let tod a eminent efficiency up to 95%, and in the causa of condensation boilers – and outmatch this figure. In gain, the fashion of hotness carry-over from the self-coloured boiler is cyclical, and fluctuations in everyday temperature in the het suite is 3 – 5 ° C. DELIBERATION OF HET SYSTEMS PRIVATE HOMES In the structure of individual houses is quite oftentimes the inquiring arises how to quality heat equipment to furnish well-heeled enliven conditions. For the consumer, sure authoritative and a gamey point of safe in the process of modern technology, and the obvious benefits – because of a kettle because of chinchy vim root saves capable 20-30% savings terminated the be of key heat. The low popularity of upstanding-refueling boilers, and the relation accessibility of fuel due to a number of disadvantages in their use (for example, during the day to execute 3 – 4 furnaces, etc.) is usually put-upon as secondary sources. Galvanizing boilers, due to the gamy be of electricity and problems with the connecter facilities, are famed identical democratic, and the proposition is no different kind. If the pick of solid kettle is inevitable for any sound, there are two shipway to waste the disadvantages of boiler furnaces to reduce the number by one-half by increasing the electrocution meter using Lightbulb (regulation the pose provide) or use the tearing passion accumulators content of 2 – 10m3, which are included in the scheme warming. Take the typecast of kettle and the deliberation of its mightiness in the character of the warmth generator in the scheme serves lacrimation heat kettle.

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